The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

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Welcome to Volume 8, Number 1 of TOJDE

NOTE FOR EDITOR: Online Learning Software – Why Pay for It?

NOTE FOR EDITOR: The Role of the Geometric Models in the Explanation Of Determinant and the Properties of a Determinant

The Effectiveness of a Parent Education Programme Offered Through Distance Education about Independent Autistic Children Education Centre (IACEC)

Tina Lim Swee KIM, Wong Kiet WAH & Tan Ai LEE
Asynchronous Electronic Discussion Group: Analysis of Postings and Perception of In-service Teachers

T. Volkan YUZER
Generating Virtual Eye Contacts Through Online Synchronous Communications in Virtual Classroom Applications

Aijaz Ahmed GUJJAR & Muhammad Ashraf MALIK
Preparation of Instructional Material for Distance Teacher Education

Reha Recep ERGUL
Digital Broadcasting and Interactive Television in Distance Education: Digital and Interactive Television Infrastructure Proposol for Anadolu University Open Education Faculty

Terhemba Nom AMBE-UVA
National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN): A Historical Perspective and Challenges

Mark J. W. LEE & Anthony CHAN
Reducing the Effects of Isolation and Promoting Inclusivity for Distance Learners Through Podcasting

Rune Sarromaa HAUSSTÄTTER & Yngve Troye NORDKVELLE
Perspectives on Group Work In Distance Learning

Factors Affecting Teaching the Concept of Renewable Energy In Technology Assisted Environments and Designing Processes In The Distance Education Model

Nurhan UNUSAN & Naomi AIBA
Distance Delivery of Nutrition Education As A Method for Providing Continuing Education

Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Training and Professional Development in Nigeria

Cagri Ozkose BIYIK
A Preliminary Evaluation of the Distance English Language Teacher Training Program (Delttp) in Anadolu University, Turkey

Transnational Education: Concept and Methods

Ali Riza ERDEM
Strategic Planning at the State’s Education Institutions Serving “Open and Distance Education”, Which Are of Nonprofit Concern

Ravinder RENA
Challenges in Introducing Distance Education Programme in Eritrea: Some Observations and Implications

Reviewed By Ali YAZICI
REVIEW: Closing Remarks of the Workshop OnGlobal University System & E-Learning

Reviewed By Dr. S. K. PULIST
Open and Distance Education in Global Environment: Opportunities for Collaboration

Reviewed By Dr. Adile Aşkım Kurt
Flexible Learning in an Information Society