11 (1), 2010

From Editor
Welcome to Volume 11, Number 1 of TOJDE

Zobaida AKHTER
Voice Of The Voiceless: Women Enlightenment, Bou And Community Radio

Momcilo BJELICA & Dragica RANKOVIC
NOTE FOR EDITOR: The Use Of Fuzzy Theory In Grading Of Students In Math

Kevin YEE & Jace HARGIS
NOTE FOR EDITOR: Screencasts

Tse-Kian NEO, Mai NEO & Belinda Soo-Phing TEOH
NOTE FOR EDITOR: Assessing The Effects Of Using Gagne’s Events Of Instructions In A Multimedia Student-Centred Environment: A Malaysian Experience

Assessment Approaches In Virtual Learning

Pradeep Kumar MISRA
WBL To Promote Lifelong Learning Among
Farmers From Developing Countries: Key Strategies

Salawu, I. O., Adeoye, Felix A & Olugbenga David OJO
Sustainability Indices As Measures Of Service Delivery
In Open And Distance Learning Institutions In Nigeria

Muhammad Javed Iqbal & Mumtaz Ahmad
Enhancing Quality Of Education Through 
E-Learning: The Case Study Of Allama Iqbal Open University

Osuji, U. S. AJUNWA
Integrating Group-Self Evaluation In Open And Distance Learning System

A Comparison Of Undergraduate Faculty And Millennial 
Students Regarding The Utilization Of Weblog And Podcast 
Technology In A Teacher Education Department

Professional Development Of Higher Education Teachers: Can ODL Contribute?

Cem CUHADAR & Abdullah KUZU
Improving Interaction Through Blogs 
In A Constructivist Learning Environment

Sufiana K. MALIK
Role Of Distance Education In The Expansion Of 
Female Education Higher Level In Pakistan A Review

A Path-Analytic Study Of Some Correlates Predicting Persistence And Student’s Success In Distance Education In Nigeria

Matthew BORODE
The Private Cost Of National Certificate In Education (NCE):
Through National Teachers Institute Distance Learning Programme 
In Ekiti State, Nigeria

Sakine ONGOZ & Adnan BAKI
E-Book Usage Of Graduate Students Studying Educational Sciences In Turkiye

Reviewed By Desmond KEEGAN
REVIEW: China’s Radio And TV Universities And 
The British Open University: A Comparative Study

Reviewed By Ozlem OZAN
REVIEW: Distance Education:
Definition And Glossary Of Terms, 3rd Edition

Reviewed By Dr. Adile Askim KURT
REVIEW: Educational Social Software 
For Context-Aware Learning

Reviewed By Yasin OZARSLAN
REVIEW: Cases on Collaboration In Virtual Learning Environments:
Processes and Interactions