ELT Teacher Training Program

Protocol Signed


A Protocol concerning ELT Teacher Training Program was signed between the Turkish Ministry of Education and Anadolu University on February 28, 2000.

Although Education Faculties have contributed a great deal to the field of teacher training, in order to meet the needs of educational system, they have had some difficulties -both in terms of qualty and quantity- in fulfilling their desired aims. Consequently, a great need for teachers of pre-school education, of primary education and of English has been aroused, which seems impossible to meet within a short time.

Furthermore, through the application of eight-year compulsary primary education and the scheduled English Courses for the 4 th and 5 th grades, the need for teachers of English has become greater. For solution of this problem, Turkish Ministry of Education has cooperated with Anadolu University, Eskiþehir and the English Teacher Training Project has been launched. Trought a process of negotiations, the remated protocol hes been signed and put into effect.

Within the scope of this project secondary school graduates who have taken ÖSS Foreign Language Exam (English) and have obtained a score of at least 110 points can apply to the Anadolu University Open Education Faculty, ELT program.

This program offers a four-year BA degree like the ELT depeartments of Education Faculties.

The students enrolled to this program will receive a 10 hour face-to face education Per week during the first and second years. They will attend ‘teaching practicum’ under the supervision of the ‘conselor’ teachers.

The students who will get a diploma (after two years) can teach English in schools and institutions, as the need for teachers arises, and they will be paid by the hour.

Those who comlote the program and get a four-year BA degree will be appointed as a teachers by the Turkish Ministry of Education.