Educational Leapfrogging In The Mlearning Time


In this theoretical study, researcher tries to shed light on the modern strategy of education, Mobile learning is this strategy, which has become a reality exists in the educational institutions and aims researcher of this study. Trying to figure out the reality of Mobil Determining if the mobile learning part of the E-Learning. Trying for identify future of mobile learning. And the researcher collect the information and the data from previous research in addition to what has been published on websites and blogs and has reached the researcher to achieve the successes of Mobile learning at the level of the educational process now , and that this strategy of mobile learning is not part of the e-learning, and generation of generations , but a new way for the development of the educational process educational , researcher is expected to evolve Mobile learning expands even at the all levels of educational.

KEYWORDS: Mobile Learning, E-Learning.

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.22186