Students' Views On Distance Learning In Turkey: An Example Of Anadolu Universıty Open Education Faculty


The aim of the study is to reveal the students’ views who are studying in different departments of distant education programs provided by Anadolu University in TURKEY. Qualitative research method was used in the study and purposeful sampling was followed. The research was conducted with 10 students who were working in different jobs and taking distance education courses in different departments. The interviews carried out face to face with the participants by the researcher were recorded by getting their consents. The interview data recorded were later transcribed. Then the texts were given to the participants and the recordings were verified for their accuracy and completeness, so the reliability of data was obtained. Content analysis method was used for the data analysis. When the findings obtained as a result of data analysis were examined, the students taking distance education courses in different departments stated that this education method was a great opportunity and chance for them. Moreover, it was determined that the participant students in the study had positive attitudes and views towards distance education, but they had some negative views such as lack of course materials.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education, Student Views, Positive and Negative statements

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.54964