Mobile Fatwa (M-Fatwa): The Integration Of Islamic Fatwa Through Mobile Technologymohd

Aliff Mohd NAWI

Fatwa institutions play an important role to disseminate information about the fatwa decision that has been discussed. Fatwa is decided will be a guide and reference to the Muslims for dismantling all the problems related to religious law in everyday life. The purpose of this paper to discuss the integration method fatwa information using a mobile device technology. The challenges of Fatwa integration using mobile technology is also reviewed in detail to create a new prospect in explaining the current issues or problems in religion. Some recommendation to achieve this combination of two elements was also made to implement using M-Fatwa through mobile technology in Malaysia.

KEYWORDS: Fatwa, Mobile fatwa, Islamic fatwa, Mobile Technology, Mobile Learning

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.41295