A Study On Improving Information Processing Abilities Based On PBL

Du Gyu KIM

This study examined an instruction method for the improvement of information processing abilities in elementary school students. Current elementary students are required to develop information processing abilities to create new knowledge for this digital age. There is, however, a shortage of instruction strategies for these information processing abilities. This research proposes a method for teaching information processing abilities based on a problem-based learning model, and was tested with elementary students. The students developed an improved ability to create new knowledge and to present relationships with information through the process of problem solving. This study performed experimental research by comparing pre- and post-tests with twenty-three fifth grade elementary students over the course of eight months. This study produced a remarkable improvement in information selection, information reliability, information classification, information analysis, information comparison, and information internalization. This study presents an improved methodology for the teaching of information processing abilities.

KEYWORDS: Problem Based Learning, Information Processing Ability, Blended Learning

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.18487