Students’ Preferences And Opinions On Design 
Of A Mobile Marketing Education Application

F. Zeynep OZATA

The purpose of this study was to define and better understand business school students’ opinions and preferences on the design of a mobile marketing education application. To accomplish this purpose an explanatory mixed methods study design was used and the data was collected sequentially. First, a questionnaire was conducted with 168 business school students from Anadolu University to define their learning styles. The learning orientation questionnaire produced five factors: visual, auditory, dependent, collaborative, and reading & writing learning styles. In the second phase of the study, semi-structured in depth interviews were conducted with nine graduate students at Anadolu University to better understand their preferences and explore their opinions on the mobile application. After the coding process three themes emerged: learning styles, content, and tools. Added to these themes, eight motives for the use of a mobile marketing education application were also identified.

KEYWORDS: Marketing Education, Learning Styles, Mobile Learning, Mobile Applications, Mobile Learning Design

DOI : 10.17718/tojde.76203