The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Assessment Of E-Learning Needs Among Students Of Colleges Of Education

Hamid Mohammad AZIMI

This study is a descriptive and survey type work. Main objective of this research is to explore e-learning system components needs among students of colleges of education (one year Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. degree programme) affiliated by University of Mysore, India. Needs assessment is one of the main investigative tools used by institutions to the identification of actual needs, gaps, and hidden parts in the system and other activities. Through a comprehensive needs assessment process, an institution can establish its e-learning goals. Based on this view, a researcher made questionnaire was designed and validated by experts in teacher education, ICT and e-learning field. For reliability of the tool a pilot test was carried and the Alpha Cronbach value found .8980 and classified as having acceptable. Researcher tried to find out the most high and the lowest ranks in needs of students. Also gender, type of institutions on dependency to government financial aids, types of learning subjects as background variables were studied.

KEYWORDS: E-Learning, Needs Assessment, Colleges of Education, Students