Virtual Learning Environment As Part Of Lifelong Learning

Teodora VATUIU
Mioara UDRICĂ,

As part of the European Union, Romania has established strategic goals for the transition to a high quality educational system. In this respect, the efforts to align with standards requested by the European Community became more pregnant. Romanian integration strategy 2007-2013 stipulates, through specific objectives, the requirement, that the education should be based on the development of a set of key competences. At the same time, we assume that the development of key competences needs an optimal correlation between the formal and informal learning. The individual performances in the personal and professional field start in the formal environment and can continue by virtual learning environment, as a part of lifelong learning. For creating the environment that helps learners to prepare for their career or to assess learner’s progress, along with the standards from formal learning, we need content standards and skill standards for informal learning too. They measure the individual performances and help learners to assess their competences in relation with performance and occupational standards from business environment.

KEYWORDS: Virtual Learning Environment, Lifelong Learning, High Quality Educational System.