The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Academic Dishonesty In Distance Higher Education: 
Challenges And Models For Moral Education In The Digital Era

Mohammad Imam FARISI

Today, in the era of open access to digital-based information and communication, one of the biggest challenges in higher education to realize moral education and to build academic culture and integrity is the emergence of academic dishonesty behaviors among academic members. The paper describes academic dishonesty behaviors in Distance Higher Education (DHE) institutions within the context of moral education in the digital era. The paper reviews the results of the research on academic dishonesty behaviors and practices in DHE institutions worldwide; factors which have a very significant role for the emergence of academic dishonesty behaviors and practices. It is also discusses an integrated model of moral education as interdisciplinary strategy in combating academic dishonesty and in promoting academic culture and integrity in DHE.

KEYWORDS: Academic Dishonesty, Distance Higher Education, Moral Education Model