The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Educatee's Thesaurus As An Object Of 
Measuring Learned Material Of The Distance Learning Course

Alexander Aleksandrovich RYBANOV

Monitoring and control over the process of studying the distance learning course are based on solving the problem of making out an adequate integral mark to the educatee for mastering entire study course, by testing results. It is suggested to use the degree of correspondence between educatee's thesaurus and the study course thesaurus as an integral mark for the degree of mastering the distance learning course. Study course thesaurus is a set of the course objects with relations between them specified. The article considers metrics of the study course thesaurus complexity, made on the basis of the graph theory and the information theory. It is suggested to use the amount of information contained in the study course thesaurus graph as the metrics of the study course thesaurus complexity. Educatee's thesaurus is considered as an object of measuring educational material learned at the semantic level and is assessed on the basis of amount of information contained in its graph, taking into account the factors of learning the thesaurus objects.

KEYWORDS: E-Learning, Thesaurus, Learning Management System, Thesaurus Metrics, Knowledge Measurement, Study Course Material, Knowledge Testing.