Using Mobile Phones To Promote Life Skills Education 
Among Open Schooling Students: Promises, Possibilities, And Potential Strategies

Pradeep Kumar MISRA

The aim of this research is survey of distance education role in utilization of environment components in higher education. This research in phase of goal is applied and in base of research method is a descriptive survey. Statistical society in this research is student of TEHRAN PNU university in 2010-2011 that research method is in base of stratified sample .this selection has been done among ten provinces that had the most frequency at these universities. It has done with MORGAN formulation for four hundred people. Gathering instruments of information is questioner, which is in base of the research purpose. ALFA Cronbach,s was used for durability and validity (a=0.86).in this research statistical method is descriptive and inferential with SPSS (one-sample T Test). Results illustrated that students believed distance education does not have any role in effect ions of environmental education and Independent-samples T-test shows that distance education instruction will change the environmental behavior of student to achieve goals. Also in view of responders, there are barriers in distance education utilization for performance of environmental education.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education, Environmental Behavior, Higher Education, Environment Education, Constant Improvement.