The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Design And Development Of A Polymorphic Pedagogical 
Material For Supplementary Distance Learning In Primary 
Education In The Field Of Environmental Education In Greece

Evangelia MANOUSOU

This article deals with a documented research in order to create a pedagogical framework for the application of a supplementary distance learning program in the field of environmental education for pupils of primary education, in remote and multi-grade schools of Greece. This prospect has been considered as an interesting idea with multilateral, socio cultural and democratic dimensions, as it could enrich the school and learning environment of children of the outermost regions. In this paper, there are described the planning criteria and the development of a polymorphic pedagogical material for distance learning, under the title: 'Captain SOS, His Bunch and the Moving Island', the needs according to the characteristics of the target group, the choice of learning theories and the determination of the teaching techniques, the specific teaching techniques and the teaching methodology, the structure of the learning material, the characteristics and the structure of the educational software, the categorization of activities, the supplementary learning material. Moreover, there are described the pilot application and the ways of the evaluation.

KEYWORDS: Distance Learning, Pedagogical Material, Environmental Education, Primary Education.