Technology Related Expectations Of Turkish 
As A Second Language Learners At Hacettepe University


Aside from ‘lingua franca’ of the current age, technology enhanced language learning is stil in its infancy for the less commonly taught languages. Hacettepe TOMER has been teaching Turkish as a foreign/second language to the exchange students for several years though; technology related expectations of the language learners have never been precisely determined. The current study, as an action research of which the institution would benefit from, aimed to explore the language learners’ technology related expectations. The sample of the study is 17 foreigner students attending Turkish as a second language programs with different native languages. The data were gathered through a questionnaire form developed by the researchers and a thorough literature review. The results revealed that HUTOMER should enhance their technologic facilities and improve the quality of the language education provided at the institution because participants do expect more multimedia resources during their language education. Suggestions were made for further research.

KEYWORDS: Turkish as a Second Language, HUTOMER, Digital Natives, Technology Enhanced Language Learning.