Strategies For Online Educators

Kristy MOTTE

For a variety of reasons, online education is an increasingly viable option for many students seeking to further their education. Because of this, the demand for online instructors continues to increase. Instructors transitioning to the online environment from the traditional classroom may find teaching online overwhelming. While some practices from the traditional classroom may apply in the new environment, there are many strategies that are unique to online learning. Additionally, the field of online instruction is changing so rapidly that the techniques for teaching online must be revisited regularly as well. This paper explores research regarding some current strategies for teaching online for both new and current online instructors. The practices examined include training, organizing the course, remaining proactive, providing regular and timely communication, maintaining a presence in the classroom, facilitating effective discussion boards, scaffolding, and desiring to improve one’s online instruction. By utilizing these techniques in one’s courses, online instructors are several steps closer to successful and satisfied students excited to continue learning in the online environment.

KEYWORDS: Online Instruction Strategies; Distance Education; Teaching Online