Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Views On Distance Education And Their Web Pedagogical Content Knowledge


This research aims to investigate primary preservice mathematics teachers’ views on distance education and web pedagogical content knowledge in terms of the subscales of general web, communicative web, pedagogical web, web pedagogical content and attitude towards web based instruction. The research was conducted with 46 senior students in the department of Primary Mathematics Education in Istanbul. Web Pedagogical Content Knowledge scale developed by Lee, Tsai and Chang (2008) and adapted into Turkish by Horzum (2011) was used as the data collection tool. Values of frequency and percentage and Kruskal Wallis test were used in the analysis of the data. Whether preservice teachers’ perceptions towards adequacy levels for web pedagogical content knowledge differ or not was discussed in terms of their views on distance education and their habits of using the Internet and e-mail.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education, Web Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Primary Preservice Mathematics Teachers, Internet, Email