The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

The Systemic Vision Of The Educational Learning

Nilton Cesar LIMA, Antonio Sergio Torres PENEDO, Marcio Mattos Borges de OLIVEIRA
Sonia Valle Walter Borges de OLIVEIRA, Jamerson Viegas QUEIROZ

As the sophistication of technology is increasing, also increased the demand for quality in education. The expectation for quality has promoted broad range of products and systems, including in education. These factors include the increased diversity in the student body, which requires greater emphasis that allows a simple and dynamic model in the provision of education. For this reason, a formalized methodology known as systems theory is often applied in the industry as a management instrument, or in other words, known as systems management. The management of educational systems would be adherent to ally in reducing failure rates and quality improvement. This is possible in complex learning systems scale. Accordingly, this article aims to discuss some implications of trying to use the systems management as modern teaching methodology.

KEYWORDS: Educational Learning. School Management. Systemic Vision.