The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Odl Students’ Perceived Computer Literacy Competencies, 
Expectations Of Support Intention To Use And Perseverance

Suria M. ELLIS
Christo J. ELS

This paper reports on disadvantaged South African practising teachers’ perceptions on computer literacy competencies while studying to improve their teaching qualifications. During the process of developing a learning technology integration framework for the School of Continuing Teacher Education at North-West University, South Africa, an initial exploratory survey identified issues and themes for systemic inquiry, in order to provide substance to the integration framework. The purposive sample related to a criterion-based selection of N=338 teacher-students attending supplementary computer literacy training sessions. Queues from the Technology Acceptance Model supplemented the questions intended to investigate enablers and barriers to learning technology adoption. The pragmatic approach was towards discovering which possible interventions could be introduced to enable adoption of technology in interaction and learning. Descriptive statistics and structural equation modelling produce a suggested parsimonious model relating to self-confidence, trust and perseverance in acquiring computer literacy.

KEYWORDS: Higher Education; Open Distance Education; Computer Literacy; Developing Students; Technophobia; Teacher Training; SEM.