Cognitive Skills: A Modest Way of Learning through Technology

Satya Sundar SETHY

Learning is an ever-present phenomenon. It takes place irrespective of time and place. It engages learners in their interested topic/content. Learning absorbs many skills, such as; reading skills, writing skills, technological skills, emotional skills, behavioral skills, cognitive skills, and language skills. Out of all these, cognitive skills play significant role for apprehending a concept and comprehending a discussion. In the context of distance education (DE), learning never restrains to print medium only, it has extended to the various technological media with abundant possibilities for multiple variations of online and web instructions. This article discusses how cognitive skills assist learners in their learning through technology instructions. Further, it elucidates the technological impacts in the distance learning scenario. Consequently, it argues that the intervention of suitable and advanced technology helps learners to develop their cognitive skills and assists in their learning activities.

KEYWORDS: Cognitive skills, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Information Society, World Wide Web (www), e-learning.