An Investigation Into The Attitude Of College Teachers Towards E-¬ Learning In Purulia District Of West Bengal, India

Santosh Kumar BEHERA

Today we are living in an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) era. All over the world, there is a trend to use ICT in the teaching-learning process. The teacher and learner must gain access to technology for improving learning outcomes. ICT is a new paradigm of the teaching-learning process widely accepted as a necessary tool for attainment of developmental goals. Particularly higher education plays an important role for achieving MDGs. In the process of education teacher plays vital role for promoting quality education. In order to development of teacher’s professional efficiency, gaining update knowledge and promoting quality education Electronic Learning is very much necessary in the present knowledge and information explosion age. E- Learning is widely accepted and it can be rich and as valuable as the classroom teaching. E-Learning is more useful in educational research. In the circumstance, E-Learning (EL) plays an important role for creating awareness among the teachers. In the present study the investigator made an attempt to study the attitude of college teachers towards E-learning in Purulia district of West Bengal. One hundred teachers (both male and female) teaching in Arts and Science streams were taken as representative sample of the whole population. An attitude scale was used for collecting the data. The means of both groups were tested for significance of difference by using ‘t’ test. The differences in the groups were statistically significant and the attitude of College teachers was more favourable towards E-Learning.

KEYWORDS: Attitude, Learning, Electronic and Electronic Learning.