Exploiting Ict And E-Learning 
In Teacher’s Professional Development In Algeria:
The Case Of English Secondary School Teachers

Boutkhil GUEMIDE

The real potential of ICT is the way it changes learners to become autonomous in their learning process. E-learning also plays a crucial role in today's life and in modern education. Its importance lies in the fact that people are finding that e-learning can make a remarkable change in teaching/ or learning: to how quickly they master a skill; how easy it is to study; and how much they enjoy learning. Besides, it can contribute to to policy-making in education: to raising standards; improving quality; removing barriers to learning and participation in learning, preparing for employment; upskilling in the workplace; and ultimately, ensuring that every learner achieves their full potential. E-learning can also be best exploited in teacher education and training. Since teacher development is critical, this paper explains why e-learning is a crucial factor in teacher development and outlines how both ICTs and E-learning can help English secondary school teachers’ professional development in Algeria through the creation of an effective e-learning web- site.

KEYWORDS: ICT, e-Learning, Teacher Development.