Developing A Framework For 
The Effective Use Of Blogs In Formative Assessment

Mahesh JOSHI
Alperhan BABACAN,

The development of educational technologies has resulted in a fundamental shift in the educational paradigm with learning no longer equating to the assimilation of knowledge transmitted by textbooks and instructors but by personally building and communicating knowledge. The aim of this paper is to analyse and discuss the importance of infusing blogs as a formative assessment tool in university education. After describing the theoretical aims, design, implementation and evaluation of blogging as a formative assessment tool; the paper supports the argument for the educational use and pedagogical importance of blogging. The paper also highlights potential problems and limitations of the blogging as an assessment tool and provides a conceptual framework for the effective implementation of blogs for enhancing student learning outcomes.

KEYWORDS: Blogging; Assessment Tool; Infusing Blogs; Formative Assessment Tool; Effective Implementation Of Blogs.