NOTE FOR EDITOR: Transforming Teachers, Transforming Schools:
Turning "Sages" Into "Guides On The Side"

Steve McCREA

Many teachers teach the way they were taught. If asked to explain why they lecture to their students, the response is often, "My teachers wrote on the board and I took notes. It worked for me." Brain research indicates that other techniques increase blood flow to parts of the brain associated with cognition. This presentation provides anecdotal evidence about the impact of this research when applied to a single classroom or in online classes. When a teacher becomes a "guide on the side," there is a change in the school's culture that can be measured. This presentation is extracted from a newly published book, Let's Lecture Less, edited by Steve McCrea ( and Mario Joel Llorente Leyva.

KEYWORDS: Teach Engagement; Project-Based Learning; Ebooks; Transfer Responsibility Her Mindset; Instructor Training; Dennis Littky; Student.