Integration Of Prior Learning And Assessment In The Ignou 
Community College System For Skill Development


The Open and Distance Learning (ODL) has come to stay as an alternative mode to meet the higher educational requirements of diverse groups. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), a system leader in India, plays a major role in giving access and equity, besides maintaining and coordinating standards of distance education in the country. IGNOU has started Community College Scheme in the year 2009 to impart skills to school drop-outs, unskilled workers, unorganized sector and industrial workers. The success of IGNOU Community Colleges lies in their ability to evolve need-based programmes and incorporate the essential academic flexibility in the instructional methods. Prior Learning and Assessment (PLA) method is widely acknowledged the world over as a tool to enhance skill development at the work place. This work proposes a model forthe integration of PLA method in the IGNOU Community College Scheme to bring the desired academic flexibility for skill development. Thus, applying the proposed model, this article also attempts to evolve a working model curriculum at the levels of Base-Line workers, Assistants and Supervisory level workers and Above Supervisory level workers. The integration of PLA with community Colleges is expected to enhance academic flexibility and thus promote skill-based human resources though ODL system in the country.

KEYWORDS: Open and distance Learning; Community College Scheme; Prior Learning and Assessment; Skills; Skill Development