The Primary Student Teachers’ Views About A Blended Learning Application In A Basic Physics Course

Izzet KARA

In this study we present an overview of the undergraduate blended Physics course that has been supported by the Moodle platform. The course that has been applied is a basic physics course for primary student teachers. The aim of Moodle is to create an online learning environment which helps students to have a virtual space where they can share knowledge through different kinds of supervised activities, chats and forums. Students have to enter Moodle and they have participated activities that have been offered by the instructor after the lesson every week. After the study, results have shown that teacher candidates using Moodle processing have positive thoughts about the course. In the study, it has been emphasized views of prospective primary teachers about MOODLE in some subjects of physics. Students are challenged to doing research. Prospective teachers tend to use this method in their professional life; therefore, it is recommend that offering challenging possibilities to them about their using. It is recommended that this application is become widespread in education (especially higher education in Turkey).

KEYWORDS: Moodle, Prospective Teachers, Physics, Constructivism, Learning environments