REVIEW: E-tivities; The Key to Achieve Online Learning by Gilly Salmon

Reviewed by Gülsün KURUBACAK

The book, E-tivities, published in 2002 by Kogan Page Limited in London UK and Stylus Publishing Inc. in USA, is the second book Dr. Salmon about online activities on the Web. Dr Salmon, moreover, with this book introduce us “E-tivities, which refers educational online activities, as a new term in online learning. Dr. Salmon highlights that the E-tivities book can help academics, teachers, course managers, teaching assistants, instructors, trainers, e-moderators, and online developers and trainers in corporate training and professional associations as well as staff developers and teacher trainers from many disciplines and any level of education. This book is not about online technology. It is about customizing online learning and teaching in any topic and subject area. E-tivities book is based on action research providing us a practical guide for online learning. Dr. Salmon strongly emphasis that “…you will be online or wish to ‘move online’… “ after reading this book.