A Comparative Study Of Student Satisfaction Level In Distance Learning And Live Classroom At Higher Education Level

Sheikh Tariq MAHMOOD
Allah Bakhsh MALIK

The technology has embraced the innovative learning methodologies. Distance Learning has taken the place of traditional face-to-face educational environment. The purpose of this study was to compare the level of student satisfaction of graduate distance learning educational psychology course to a traditional classroom educational psychology course taught by the same instructor. Population of the study consisted of Graduate students in course educational psychology during fall semester 2009. Study was descriptive in nature and findings were drawn after the descriptive analysis. Likert scale was used to determine the level of satisfaction between both groups. On the basis of findings, It was concluded that distance learning and traditional classroom students experienced a high level of satisfaction .It was determined that there was very slightly difference in the levels of student satisfaction in the distance learning and traditional classroom students.

KEYWORDS: Distance Learning, Traditional Classroom Learning, Student Satisfaction, Instruction, Higher Education