NOTE FOR EDITOR: Is E-Learning Necessary For University Students? A Case From Iran


Today many claim that e-learning can result in considerable time and cost-savings , such as traveling , work time and etc . This study was conducted to investigate these questions: should e-learning be used to reduce travel related stress? should e-learning be offered fully online to reach students living in remote areas? should e-learning be adopted to allow working students to study from home ? Pressure to use e-learning was developed as a factor to answer above questions. Data was collected through a survey of 400 post graduate students at Tehran University. The results showed that many Iranian post gratitude students agreed on above statements . In addition , linear regression analyses revealed a statistically –significant model for pressure to use e-learning as the best predictor of level of student’s intention to adopt e-learning (F 37.737 , df=1 , R square = .187 )