The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Relationships Between Open Education Students’ Economic Profiles And Their Use Of Internet In Education


The study aims to identify the economic profiles of Open Education Faculty students and to determine the relationship between their economic profiles and the following of online courses using Internet. In the study survey model was used. The population of the study was composed of 4652 Anadolu University Open Education Faculty students who live in Bolu. Sample of the study consisted of 361 students randomly selected from research population. Data were obtained by surveys. Some of the research findings are as follows: the income levels of parents for both unemployed and single and employed students are in the range of 0-1300 TL. Since almost all the mothers are housewives, they do not have separate incomes. Fathers for both unemployed and single and employed students are commonly workers, retired individuals, self employed indibviduals and public officials. Meaningful relationships were observed between the economic profiles of employed students which include opportunities such as having access to a computer at the workplace or owning one at home and following the classes through Internet.

KEYWORDS: Economic Profile, Open Education Student, e-learning