The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Developing Conceptual Framework For Revising 
Self-Learning Materials (Slms) Of The Open School (Os) 
Of Bangladesh Open University (Bou) At A Digital Environment


Bangladesh Open University (BOU) runs school programs as part of its academic activities through open schooling since its inception. As of today, the Open School uses the first generation self-learning materials (SLMs) written, before an era, following an in-house style and template. The concerned faculty member corrects, every year, texts before the reprint; but this is limited to spelling mistakes, factual errors and page make-ups only. The University has taken policy and steps to revise the texts as a whole which is still limited to the previous process. But; the current government is implementing the agenda of digital Bangladesh which definitely will influence the texts vis-à-vis template, learner’s instructions, gender-sensitiveness, context and content. In addition, education theory has been shifted from instructivism to constructivism which is being experimented and implemented by the Ministerial project entitled Teaching Quality Improvement (TQI) partnering with the BOU School of Education with new texts. Time changes, new things are being adopted. Open School also requires revising its texts in relation to the government’s current agenda of implementing the digital Bangladesh. This study collects data from tutors, distance educators, writers and reviewers and finally develops a framework for revising the OS SLMs at a digital environment.

KEYWORDS: Digital Environment; Teaching Quality Improvement (Tqi); Self-Learning Material (Slms); Gender-Sensitiveness; Digital Bangladesh