Accomplishing Access & Equity in Education: Using the Web to Design and Deliver Courses Online


The explosive popularity of World Wide Web, commonly know as the Web, has been growing for the last two decades. The Web has the potential to reinforce and enhance university teaching and learning environments. It is having an enormous impact on faculty and learners on many college campuses. With the rapid growth and increasing accessibility of the Web, many universities in the World are now offering different kinds of web-based courses to their learners. Not only are most of online classes using the Web as delivery medium of instruction, but also web-based instruction is integrated for many learning activities in the traditional classes which include the use of electronic mail, Listservs, electronic conferencing, electronic bulletin board, etc. Many professors, who are embracing the Web as an instructional tool to bring new ways of accessing, using and discussing information to their learners, have been integrating the Web technology into their curriculum

KEYWORDS: Web-based Instruction, Online Learning, Enhanced Web-Based Instruction, Distance Education, Email, Electronic Bulletin Board, Computer Conferencing, Online Dissemination, Online Collaboration, Online Facilitation