Survey Of Barriers Affecting The Use Of Information Communication
Technologies (Icts) Among Distance Learners: A Case Study Of Nigeria

Christine I. OFULUE

The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to bridge the communication gap between teacher and learner has been identified as a major characteristic of Open and Distance Learning (ODL). In many developing counties, including Nigeria, several barriers prevent OD learners from maximising the potentials of ICTs to enhance their learning. This study seeks to identify these barriers and consequently, strategies to overcome them within the Nigerian context. Subjects of the research are OD learners in three selected distance learning institutions in Nigeria. Responses from administered questionnaires and interviews constitute the data, which were analysed using appropriate statistical instruments. The findings of this study which form part of an ongoing regional research on the use of ICTs by distance learners, show that Ø much of ODL instructional delivery is still primarily print based; Ø there is some significant progress has been made especially with regard to encouraging the use of some non traditional ICTs through ODL; and Ø although Nigeria has embarked on implementing computer literacy at all levels, the issue of affordability, bandwidth, and infrastructural facilities like constant electricity remain barriers. However, the data that most can afford mobile phones thus providing a unique opportunity to maximize them as support tools for learning.

KEYWORDS: ICTs, Open and distance learning, barriers, Distance learners, Information dissemination