NOTE FOR EDITOR: The Effects Of The Interactive White Board Usage On The Studendts' Learning Level And An Application In The Financial Markets Courses Cost-Effective, Equitable And Flexible Higher Education 
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asemin ERTAN

The effect of intense and fast lifestyle emerged from globalization has also an influence on education. As the access to the information increases, the information load on the students is increasing gradually as well. The need to give more and new information to the students in a short period of time made new technologies a requirement to be used in education. For this reason, lecturers are searching for new ways that they can teach more efficiently and get benefit from the educational technologies to make students learn more easily. These tendencies are also observed in the accounting and finance in which the numerical data is intensively used. According to various educational theories, using visual aid as well as audio methods is increasing the efficiency of the education. On the other hand, conventional teaching methods are supported by PowerPoint presentations and the need of internet utilization appears in the finance education due to the importance of accounting and mathematical calculations. The use of interactive whiteboard technique, that is an educational method providing these opportunities, is quite new. This study examines how interactive white board technique, that appeals to students both aurally and visually, affects graduate students’ learning in “Financial Markets Course” by using pretest-posttest control group model.

KEYWORDS: Interactive White Board, Computer Assisted Education, Multiple Intelligences Theory