Using Wikis As A Support And Assessment Tool 
In Collaborative Digital Game-Based Learning Environments


In computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) environments, there are many researches done on collaborative learning activities; however, in game-based learning environments, more research and literature on collaborative learning activities are required. Actually, both game-based learning environments and wikis enable us to use new chances for learning, especially in collaborative learning activities. Therefore, in this paper, related literature on wikis and how game & instructional designers can leverage from wikis in game-based learning settings for enhancing students’ collaborative learning activities are examined. Based on the reviewed literature, two main suggestions are given in this paper with their underlying reasons. First, using wikis as a support tool for enhancing collaboration in digital game-based learning (DGBL) environments, and second using wikis as an assessment tool in DGBL are suggested

KEYWORDS: Wikis; Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning; Games; Digital Game-Based Learning; Collaboration; Assessment.