E-Learning And Lifelong Learning


It is supported that the object of education is to provide results. Hence, it is of crucial importance to economic development globally. In our era, globalization is a highly disputable event with strong persuasive arguments and equally solid disagreements. The impact of globalization in our everyday activities has been increased. In parallel, technological developments have contributed considerably to dramatic changes in economic, social and educational sectors. Globalization trends and technological developments demand from enterprises and educational organizations innovative ways of business practices and educational delivery in order to cope with the real market demands. Educational planners and policy makers have been trying to design new curricula in an attempt to adequately prepare the workforce to meet the current market requirements. Yet, the anticipated results have not been attained mainly because traditional educational systems proved to be inadequate to link the supply of knowledge and skills with the contemporary needs. This paper will connect e-learning educational/training courses delivery with lifelong learning (LLL). It will further analyze certain factors from the professional and educational point of view and provide recommendations on how to accelerate the implementation of LLL supported by e-learning.

KEYWORDS: Economic/Technological Development, E-Learning/Lifelong-Learning, Globalization, Adult Learning