The Utilization Of Web-Based Technology As Predictor Of 
Faculty Insights Of Support For The Implementation Of Elearning


This study investigates the level of implementation of web-based instructional technology (WBIT) by the in-teaching faculties of English Language departments as factor related to faculty perception of institutional mechanisms and its partial significance as condition supporting the implementation of e-learning in university education. Using a sample of 160 in-teaching faculties at selected Islamic Azad Universities (IAU) across Iran, faculty perceptions of support mechanisms were examined. The findings of the present study reveal that factors such as stages of apprehension about using WBIT and levels of use offer a justification of the perception variations. Making a profile of faculty WBIT utilization is predicted to provide insight for the development of strategies and administrative practices vital for eLearning to succeed in university education.

KEYWORDS: E-learning, Web-based instructional technology (WBIT), Faculty insight, Implementation of WBIT