Internet For Educational Television: An Opportunity Or Threat

Pradeep Kumar MISRA

Among several uses, educational use of television is a prominent one. The public broadcasters of many countries routinely provide locally-relevant and useful educational television programs. In other side, there has been phenomenal growth in Internet use worldwide. The researchers are of the view that Internet has challenged the supremacy of television as an important medium to disseminate information to the learners. In this background, present paper attempts to answer the question, is Internet an opportunity or threat for educational television? To get the answer of this question, researcher presents an example of Germany where both television and Internet has been widely used for educational purposes. The outcome of this study depicts that instead of threats, Internet offers more opportunities for educational television. This analysis also leads the researcher to propose promotional strategies to use Internet for creating more opportunities for educational television in global perspectives.

KEYWORDS: Internet, Educational Television, Internet for Educational Television, Educational Television Promotional Strategies