NOTE FOR EDITOR: Open Education Students’ Perspectives On Using Virtual Museums Application In Teaching History Subjects


The study was made to determine whether the attitudes of the open education faculty students, will be changed or not by virtual museum application. The pre-test and post-test model of the experimental design was used in the research. A group of 20 was formed as an experimental group. The pre-test was given to the group before the study and the post test was given to the group at the end of the study. Furthermore t-test analysis was made on the data’s to obtain whether the attitude scores of the open education faculty students, will be changed or not according to their computer knowledge. In qualitative section, the students were asked open-ended questions and their answers were given in frequency table. The data’s were analyzed in two phases. In the first phase, the analysis of the pre test and post test was made. T test, arithmetic mean () and standard deviation (Ss) were used to analyse the data’s. Statistical procedures were made in SPSS 11.0 programmes. The significance of the data’s was tested at the 0,05 significance level. A significant difference was determined in the students’ opinions concerning the post test data’s prepared to measure the attitudes towards the history lesson after the application. As a result, the students had a favourable opinion on the virtual museum application in history lessons by observing variable documents and sources.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education Students, Virtual Museum, History Subjects