NOTE FOR EDITOR: Implementation Of An Online Teacher Assessment/Appraisal 
In Technical Education Institution: A Case Study

Sraboni MANDAL

Presence of a teacher appraisal system plays a major role in deciding the level of professionalism of an educational institution. In addition to this it also plays a major role in improvement in quality of education imparted by the teacher. Recently assessment of the teaching fraternity has become indispensable measure and thus it is necessary to explore a new assessment techniques and proper implementation of the same in an institution. The paper discusses a case study of implementation of teacher appraisal system which initially non existed. In the first phase it was implemented using printed data forms and subsequently in the whole system was converted to online system, at NIT, Jamshedpur, India .The implementation of online system had reduced the man-hours required in manual processing of all data significantly, and also reduced chances of erroneous results in the process making the system robust.

KEYWORDS: Faculty, Appraisal Criterion, Online, Webapps, Appraisal Methodology