Information Visualization And Proposing 
New Interface For Movie Retrieval System (Imdb)


This research studies the development of a new prototype of visualization in support of movie retrieval. The goal of information visualization is unveiling of large amounts of data or abstract data set using visual presentation. With this knowledge the main goal is to develop a 2D presentation of information on movies from the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) as our movie search engine. The aim is to amplify the perception of users over the retrieval environment while preserving the output quality at an acceptable meaningful level. Visualization ideas deal with visualization of information seeking results. These visualization techniques have been collected from the literature on how to map the results of the information retrieval process. We propose a 2D visual interface for mapping collections of movies and exploration of their related information to maximize density of needed information in a single page. For this purpose, we introduce a movie categorization scheme to help users in navigating through the movies information. The traditional style (interface) of clicking a link to view details of documents in most of the search engines like the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) as our movie search engine to find information is very uninteresting and tedious. This is because when clicking a particular link the user’s focus is shifted to the new page, and if the information presented is not to their interest, they will need to switch back to the movie’s search results. The key contribution is thus a reasonable mapping result of a query on an actor/actress movie database displayed in just one page that can amplify visual perception of retrieved movies. This theory of data graphics interface focuses on maximization of the density of useful pertinent information with respect to users query in a screen page. This method of grouping of information needs some data extraction algorithms by parsing and crawling the IMDB web pages that are useful to retrieve important movies information. Our graphical-based visualization provides a correct understanding of information that users can view information without reading them. A qualitative experimental test comparing the classic (traditional) interface of the IMDB and visual interface was conducted.

KEYWORDS: Visualization, Retrieval System (IMDB), 2D Visual Interface, Contribution, Extraction Algorithm, Experimental Test, IMDB Movies’ Information Visualization