NOTE FOR EDITOR: A Critical Analysis Of Managerial Skills Competencies 
Of Secondary School Heads Trained Through Distance Mode 
Of Allama Iqbal Open University

Muhammad AKHLAQ

The premise of this article is to analyze the managerial skills competencies of secondary schools heads trained through distance mode of education in Pakistan. For this purpose a sample 300 secondary school teachers and 100 secondary schools head-teachers trained through distance mode and working in the Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEI) functioning under the administration of Pakistan army. The objectives of the study were: 1) to describe the M.Ed programme of AIOU, 2) to identify the managerial skills competencies of secondary school heads trained through Allama Iqbal Open University, 3) to find-out the managerial problems faced by the secondary school heads of FGEI, 4) to suggest some further suggestion to improve the managerial skills competencies of working heads of FGEI. The study focused the following categories of skills, Ø interpersonal communication skills, Ø planning skills, Ø collaboration/ teamwork skills, (iv) proficiency skills, Ø organizational skills, Ø feedback skills, Ø basic technology knowledge, and Ø technology access knowledge. Major recommendations of the study were: 1) the scheme of study of M.Ed of Allama Iqbal Open University program be change as per need of administrator and it should focus be on management and administration, 2) For better performance of heads, an induction course covering all the managerial skills relevant to the job principal-sip should be arranged after each term and to be continue through out the service, 3) the present scheme of study of M.Ed program focus on teaching methodology, one additional semester be included that should cover the management courses and , 4) as the present study was delimited to the Federal Governmental Educational Institutions to analyze the managerial skills competencies of working heads of secondary schools. One logical avenue for future is to replicate this study on the whole the country to generalize the results.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education in Pakistan, Managerial Skills, Teaching System Of AIOU, Teacher Traininig Programs Of AIOU, M.Ed Program Of AIOU, Duties Of Seconday Schools Heads In Pakistan.