Assessing The Attitudes Of Distance Learners 
Toward The Use Of ICT In Education

Rugayah HASHIM
Hashim AHMAD

The objective of this study was to assess the attitudes of distance education students toward the use of ICT in learning and teaching. The sample and units of analysis were 500 adult students undertaking distance education studies at the Institute of Education Development (InED), UiTM. The variables studied were computer anxiety, confidence, liking and, usefulness. The response rate was 56.8%. The findings showed that even in this K-economy, there are still some students who are uncomfortable with using ICT, that is, the students do not favor the use of ICT through InED’s learning management system. The findings are important to gauge the students’ performance as well as to modify and strengthen InED’s policy for using ICT and other technologies to impart knowledge and education.

KEYWORDS: Distance Education, ICT Usage, E-Learning, Computer Attitude, Computer Anxiety