The Learners' Satisfaction Toward Online 
E-Learning Implemented In The College Of Applied Studies 
And Community Service, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia: 
Can E-Learning Replace The Conventional System Of Education?


The growth of distance education course offerings is an indication of its importance to students. The purpose of this study is to investigate learners' satisfaction toward online e-learning implemented in the College of Applied Studies and Community Service, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In the meantime, also, this study was conducted to assess whether substitution of conventional learning with e-learning can improve the educational standard and knowledge of people especially in this information world. The target group consists of 201 university students (female) from the College of Applied Studies and Community Service. The results of the statistical analysis demonstrate that students’ satisfaction has been very positive toward e-learning as a teaching assisted tool, and provides more benefits than conventional learning.

KEYWORDS: E-learning; Distance Learning; Learners' Satisfaction; Saudi Arabia