Integrating Group-Self Evaluation In Open And Distance Learning System

Osuji, U. S. AJUNWA

Every instructional process involves a strategic assessment system for a complete teaching leaning circle. Any assessment system which is seriously flawed, should call for a change, a rethink or a repackaging for sustainability, and to be a part of teaching and learning. Assessment should be meaningful to both the assessors and the assessees. The learners who are the assessees in this case should not be left out in the process of assessment. This is an era of democratization and liberalization of the educational opportunities through the use of Open and Distance Learning. Therefore the components of the educational system, including assessment and evaluation should also be democratized through the group- self evaluation of learning outcomes in the Open and Distance Learning system. This paper takes a look at the benefits of the group- self evaluation, the concept of Open and Distance Learning, characteristics of learners in Open and Distance Learning and integrating group- self evaluation in the Open and Distance Learning system.

KEYWORDS: Assessment, Group-Self Evaluation, Open Learning, Distance Education, Open And Distance Learning.