NOTE FOR EDITOR: Assessing The Effects Of Using Gagne’s Events Of Instructions In A Multimedia Student-Centred Environment: A Malaysian Experience

Tse-Kian NEO
Belinda Soo-Phing TEOH

The inclusion of digital multimedia into teaching and learning has changed instructional strategies in the classroom. While this course has been traditionally given in lecture-based environment, an attempt was made to move it towards a more multimedia-mediated environment to provide a student-centred approach in teaching the principles of animation. The aim of this project is to incorporate Gagne’s 9 Events of Instructions in a multimedia-mediated student-centred learning environment to teach an animation course and to study its impact on student learning. The study assesses the effects the learning environment has on the students’ learning outcome as well as their perceptions in this learning environment. Therefore, data was gathered through various research instruments including surveys and questionnaires to garner their perceptions and their feedback on the learning environment. Furthermore, tests were administrated to the students to gauge their learning outcome. The results were later analysed using a paired t-test. The results were positive and encouraging. They show that the students were motivated and were actively pursuing their learning at their own pace. They enjoyed this self-directed learning approach and liked using multimedia to stimulate and enhance their learning process. The paper also provides evidence that will benefit those wanting to switch from traditional classroom to a more technological and multimedia oriented student-centred learning environment as this learning environment proves to be a viable alternative teaching approach to learning the principles of animation.

KEYWORDS: Gagne, Multimedia, Student-centred, Learning Environment