Collaboration Of Stakeholders As An Expanded Learner 
Support System For A Distance Learner: 
The Case Of Institute Of Extra Mural Studies

H. Manthoto LEPHOTO
V. Mantina MOHASI

Learner support for the distance learner is one of the critical elements for effective learning. This support that is so essential is usually expected to come from the educational institution where the learner is registered. However, there is circle of support around the learner that includes among others the family, the community, and the work environment. These may in one way or another become a significant support for the distance learner. This study explored through some of the stakeholders within this circle ways in which all could collaborate in order to improve and strengthen learner support. The results affirm the importance of an extended circle of stakeholders and the need for both the educational institution and the different stakeholders to collaborate in order to promote learner support needed for distance learning.

KEYWORDS: Learner Support, Collaboration, Opens and Distance Learning, Institute of Extra Mural Studies, Lesotho.