Odel Can Address The Reality-Problems
Of Agriculturists’ Post Graduation In Bangladesh

A.Q.M. Bazlur RASHID
Norman CLARK

The use of computer and the long-ranged, portable electronic device with the telephone and the cell phone networks are widely used now a day. Under the circumstances, for better and progressive existence in the competitive global context it should be concentrated on its special attention to the ICT-based ODEL as a pragmatic focal issue with a view to transforming the ever increasing vast population potential into more productive force, so as to solve the higher agricultural education problems and ultimately towards greater awareness and appreciation leading to sustainable agricultural development and alleviating poverty in the country.The study evidences that there is an ample paradigm shift towards ODEL system in providing accessible postgraduate agricultural education in Bangladesh. On the basis of study on ODEL ongoing programmes at different Universities the following policy and practices have been recognised to be recommended to the concerned BAU authority. Ø The course materials for the students must be bespoke, having been developed for the ODEL mode, and are not simply a course that provides material on the web. It ensures that the students enjoy the same high quality teaching environment and exposure to innovation as the students on campus-based courses. Ø Development of adequate students’ supports and facilities along with valid accreditation of their degrees. Ø Development of highly skilled special academic as well as administrative expertise for the ODEL-based postgraduate in agricultural education programme. Ø For high technology and innovation as well as need-based action researches, global partnership development programme should be initiated. Thus BAU can go even beyond the boundary of the country with its high quality ODEL, especially Asian countries and the South Asian neighbourhood in particular but requires a strong need for an international intervention in planting the ‘ODEL seed’ into the conventional system in Bangladesh.

KEYWORDS: ODEL; Post graduation; Agriculture; Bangladesh.