Explaining Academic Achievement in Secondary Teacher Training Programme Through Distance Mode

Mamta GARG

The academic performance of the learners is of great concern in every format of education. The promotion of the academic achievement is an integral part of goals to be achieved in higher education. The present investigation has been undertaken to locate the background and personal variables which may best predict the academic performance of secondary teacher trainees in distance education. The findings of the study showed that 72.1% of the variance towards the criterion variable of performance in theory papers was explained by fourteen independent variables (one background variable and thirteen measures of personal characteristics), 63.5% variance in performance in skills in teaching of the trainees was explained by eleven independent variables which included ten variables of personal characteristics and one background variable, and a total variance of 62.8% in their overall academic performance was explained by their nine variables (one background and eight variables of personal characteristics). These findings may be used to improve the services provided to the distance teacher trainees. As guidelines for in-service education planners and educators, the findings of the study can help in redefining goals, needs and approaches to teach, for this group of “double-role” in-service teacher trainee

KEYWORDS: Academic Achievement, Teacher Training, Distance Education