Creativity And Innovation In Learning: The Changing Roles Of Ict

Mehmet KESIM

The notions of information, communication and technology constitute the underlying structure of the term ICT. While these elements have instigated change, the use of them has also incited change in a way that the notions of Innovation, Collaboration and Transformation have become keys to the application of ICTs. Similar to this new ICT triangle, the knowledge triangle addresses the issue of innovation as well. The knowledge triangle, consisting of education, research and innovation, is crucial to support personal and organizational development. The critical issue is that innovation intersects with both the new ICT triangle and the knowledge triangle. Any discussion regarding the relationship between the new ICT and knowledge would cover a very broad scope, including the relationships between education and society, and the interaction between knowledge and innovation. Under such circumstances, where such vast areas must be covered simultaneously; creativity, innovation and education will most likely be in the agenda of European education for a long time. As social changes take place towards a digital society, pre-established social connections have also been transferred and somewhat transformed into the digital domain. In this regard, e-learning seems to have a crucial role to succeed in keeping pace with the constant change.

KEYWORDS: Globalization; Creativity; Innovation; Learning Ecology; New ICT Triangle; Knowledge Triangle.